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About Us


Achievement of our goal is not just a dream, but a well-defined action plan. The World Roma Federation has put together the biggest gathering of Roma leaders and organizations and associations with 350+ attendees, representing 32 countries in the world to draw up a plan of action in 2017.  

Many leaders, activists, member organizations have since come and gone, and due to internal disagreements and lack of competencies, towards the end of 2019 we have had to part ways with many people and restructure the organization.  

Since then, we have been researching and innovating effective strategies and viable solutions to address the challenges the Roma face, and we are ready to share these with you. But you must be prepared to embrace change. Although the Roma Rights Movement has existed for 52 years, little progress has been made in improving conditions for Romani people. Instead, efforts to help them have become a booming business industry—millions or even billions of euros are spent on ineffective projects and programs that fail to achieve their goals. 

We are diligent and focused on our goals. We have taken initiative to communicate with the world's Roma Activists, community leaders, public figures and civil society to begin a discussion that will lead us into a more unified future and create an action plan that will shape the future of our communities and the Roma people on a global scale.


The World Roma Federation is a dedicated organization that aims to uplift and empower the Roma community across the globe. As a part of a special stakeholders group within the UN that will eventually become an institution of its own, we have the unique privilege to represent the interests of this community on a global scale. Our mission is to work collectively towards ensuring equal opportunities, preserving the Roma culture and heritage, and promoting social inclusion.


Our values are based on the principles of partnership, transparency, and inclusivity.  The World Roma Federation aims to expand its operations in more countries, and establish friendly relations with the Governments, in order to ensure the rights of the Roma are respected and protected.


We envision a world where the Roma community is valued and respected and where their human rights are respected. Therefore, we seek to contribute to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We seek to excercise our right as a sovereign entity, to self-determination and self-govern our community within countries in which our community resides.


We seek to preserve and promote our cultural, social and spiritual heritage, and to work towards the development of our community through a sustainable and inclusive economic model. We want to ensure our people are provided with the necessary means to live a dignified life, and are provided with the necessary resources to achieve their goals.


We want to bridge the gap between our community and governments by providing a platform we have created which can strengthen the relationship between our community and the government. Our platform is a community based initiative that provides an avenue for our community to voice its concerns and ideas on the issues that matter to them. We provide actual solutions to the problems that our community faces which can be easily implemented by governments.

We are fighting for recognition as a Nation. We are fighting for our rights as a people and as a Nation. We are fighting for freedom from persecution and hatred. We are fighting to be recognized as a legitimate ethnicity, just like all others before us.  We are Roma, we have always been Roma, we will always be Roma, regardless of subgroup, dialect or religion! We are just as diverse as any other nation state!

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