WRF Heritage & Culture Institute


The pillars of our institution 


Our courses are extensive, informative, engaging, and centered on societal and ethical principal frameworks focused on material retention and application of learned approaches. 

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Research on the changes in population,  social norms,  migratory statistics, reformation, and conditional mechanisms constructed to impede or minimize the occurrence of civil unrest and propagated acts of aggression against marginalized and disenfranchised peoples, such as the Roma. 

Statistical data and collection analysis enables the proper measurement of social indicators

Cultural Preservation

With the advancement of societies many subgroups and classification of tribal groups of become extinct along with their culture and native dialect.  We strive to encourage the restoration and the preservation of at risk communities such as the Roma. 

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Raising Awareness

Raising awareness pertaining to the Roma cause, their plight, lack of social development and resources will encourage engagement and integration. 

Without awareness of an issue the non effected would not feel empathy, compassion, or want to learn more about other people within the population. 


Upon completion of any of our courses a Certification will be granted.  

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Eliminating Steretypes

The premise of the institution is to show one of two things,  first that IQ cannot be adequately measured unless all students are privy to the same basic knowledge. 

Second that intelligence is intrinsic and set; as educators we can only maximize ones potential through education.  Therefore, education is the social mechanism necessary to ensure that the student meets his or here set IQ level.

With this institution our curriculum will expand upon this logic showing that with the right tools and availability to resources the Roma will also show the same IQ measures as other students attending local and state educational institution. 

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