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Petition of the Global Roma Community

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Astaren kate te diken pe tumari sib gadjikani

To the Hungarian Government, the European Union, the European Commission, and the United Nations Human Rights Council;

We, the World Roma Federation and the global Roma community, hereby submit this petition to urgently address the recent far-right protest organized by Our Homeland Movement in Budapest and demand action to protect our human rights. The event featured hate speech and discriminatory statements against Romani people, violating our fundamental rights as enshrined in international human rights laws.

We call upon the Hungarian Government to:

1. End rallies and events that incite hate speech and racial discrimination, ensuring strict enforcements of existing laws.

2. Take legal action against those who propagated hate speech and discrimination during the protest.


3. Increase legal protection for vulnerable communities like Roma, including the implementation of laws to safeguard minority rights both publicly and within Parliament.


We call upon the European Union and European Commission to:


1. Intervene in this situation involving human rights violations,
2. Investigate all actions that infringe upon EU Fundamental Rights.
3. Hold Hungarian authorities responsible for tolerating such manifestations by nationalist groups.


We call upon the UN Human Rights Council and High Commissioner for Human Rights to:


1. Monitor the situation closely.
2. Take necessary steps to ensure discrimination against Roma is eradicated from all social spheres.

Citations of violated rights:

UDHR - Article 2, 7, 14(1), 16(1), 19, 20, 21.
ICCPR - Article 18(1), 20.
EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - Article 11, 21, 24.


As signatories of this petition representing our community's voice worldwide, we ask all respective governing bodies and international organizations to work collaboratively towards ending racial hatred against Romani people in Hungary. Your swift action is vital in protecting our human rights today and ensuring a safe future for all members of society.




The World Roma Federation and the Undersigned Global Roma Community

Sign the petition if you agree! 

Thank You! Nais Tuke!

Comments (5)

Dec 22, 2023

zajedno smo jaci mozemo i moramo protif diskriminacije i td


Nov 18, 2023

Hungary should be suspended from the European Union for these violations of human rights and democracy and the misallocation of funds from the European Union


Nov 10, 2023

Opre roma


Sep 02, 2023

Disgusting, that we still see nazis in this day and age. Truly stupid, backwards, dangerous idiots.

Deny Dobobrov
Deny Dobobrov
Sep 22, 2023
Replying to

Yes, but even more disgusting is that they are getting away with it!

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