Authorized Personnel:


  • Jamie Sztojka - President - Authority over the entire organization and all departments. 


  • Deny Dobobrov - Advisor to the President - Appointed by the President - Administrative Coordinator.  Has the authority to act on behalf of the President when not present or available.  


  • Djurica Nikolic - Co Founder of WRF Culture & Heritage Institute - Appointed by the President - Has the authority to act on behalf of  the President to direct the organization in it’s best interest and can act on behalf of Jamie or Deny when not available. 


Political Committee:


Jamie - (Janos Sztojka) - President, who has the sole authority and final say before any action by the federation is taken. Jamie directs the whole organization. Founder of the Organization who held the first World Roma Congress since the 70’s in 2017. Creator of the integration and inclusion platform. Highly respected figure not only among the world roma community, but within Roma politics itself. Chairman of the strategy committee.


Vice President - Bella Kovach - First lady and VP of the organizations. Silent member. Coordinates operations with Jamie.  Has full authority equal to the President. 


Djurica Nikolic - Presidential Cabinet - IM Ausland President - WRF Institute Director & Diplomatic Advisor. Djurica’s advice and experience is beneficial to the organization. His function is to develop the institution and the multiple departments within the institution based on his past experiences and his own organization. He is on the strategy committee. 


Deny Dobobrov -Presidential Cabinet - International Relations Director and Political Advisor to the President, Vice President of International Assembly of Roma - Chicago Political Organization. Deny has over 10 years of experience with Communications, Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development and was mentored by a paralegal who trained him how to structure contracts as well as Diplomatic communications and lobbying. Deny completed a course on Diplomacy by an accredited school and uses what he learned to develop friendly relations with Governments and other organizations. He is on the strategy committee.


Kristijan Ajdinovic - Presidential Cabinet - Assistant to Deny Dobobrov & Future Director of Operations in Serbia. Kristijan’s role within the organization is not only to assist Deny, but to make sure the organization runs smoothly with regards to operating procedures such as collecting reports from all team members and to organize internal meetings etc. 


Gyorgy Toth -  Presidential Cabinet -  Hungarian Director of Operations (President of Branch). Gyorgy coordinates all operations in Hungary. From Humanitarian to Integration, he has shown his work and success and has proven that our strategies are working. 


Dragan Novakovic (Markovic) - Presidential Cabinet - Head of Operations in Balkan Region - Branch President Serbia and Diplomatic Delegate who has plenty of experience within the region and has a strong presence and existing relations with many agencies, organizations and government officials. His role is to make sure our presence in the region is established, recognized and respected. Additionally, Dragan is on the strategy committee. 


Branislav Jovcic (Aleksa Lukic) - Head of media department, director of operations in sweden. His role is to coordinate all media aspects. Additionally, he is assigned to implement our programs in the country of Sweden and direct all operations there. He is on the strategy committee. 


Marko Ristic - Official Representative to the European Union - Diplomatic Delegate who is responsible for all EU related operations such as representation, research, development and lobbying. Additionally, Marko is an investigative journalist who will dig until he finds what he is looking for to expose corruption not only within the EU, but also within the organization. He reports directly to Jamie & Deny.


Katalin Lakatos - Administrative coordinator and assistant to Jamie in Hungary for hungarian operations. She reports to Jamie directly. 


Gege Demirovski - Director of Operations in Macedonia & Advisor on Macedonian and other Balkan Relations. Gege reports all activities in Macedonia from current issues to potential solutions. His role is to coordinate humanitarian assistance, recruit volunteers and implement our Sustainable Development programs within the country. 


Probationary Members are currently pending. We will update this document accordingly. 


Media is self explanatory. Everyone is expected to provide relevant content as well as entertainment. Everyone has to get approval from Branislav. 

Rules for all members:

Everyone is expected to report on a regular basis. We must know what everyone is doing for the federation, and any progress or failures.  You are also expected to let us know if you can attend meetings or not on time. If not, what time you will be able to attend. 


We ask that reports are submitted via Messenger on Facebook in our group. 


  1. Respect each other - No personal attacks or insults will be tolerated. 

  2. Respect those with authority within the organization and their directions. 

  3. Do not interfere with other member’s work. 

  4. Do not criticize anyone’s work ethic. If you have a concern, tell Jamie, Djurica or Deny. 

  5. Do not accuse anyone of anything or raise concerns during video meetings or phone calls. 

  6. NO NEGATIVE FACEBOOK POSTS OF ANY KIND OR NO MATTER WHAT. This includes personal attacks of other people in the organization or outside of the organization. All of our work is done diplomatically, so we can not openly accuse or verbally attack any government or their officials or presidents. 


There shall be no external communication with Governments, or other governmental or intergovernmental organizations and NGOs without the consent of Jamie Sztojka or Deny Dobobrov who directs all external communications. 


Kristijan is responsible for internal communications within the organizations and assistant coordinator - Direct assistant to Deny Dobobrov. He is to be respected in his position.  


This is a mandatory document that must be acknowledged by all members. Please fill out the information below and click send! Failure to do so by 1 April will result in suspension of your membership. 


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