Consultative status with the United Nations provides the World Roma Federation with access to not only ECOSOC, but also to its many subsidiary bodies, to the various human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, ad-hoc processes on small arms, as well as special events organized by the President of the General Assembly. 

Due to Covid 19, many events and meetings have been canceled however, we are actively engaging other NGOs and the UN regarding the issues the Roma are facing. 

The WRF has applied for Partnership with the CoE and awaits their answer. Should this application be approved, we will work with the CoE and other NGO Partners as well as the AID-ROM committee. 

The Roma do not have any official representation within the EU Bodies of Government or intergovernmental organizations. Our goal is to be included in policy and decision making, so we are working hard towards getting their attention. 

Problem Areas we are currently working on:

(as of Nov. 2020)


In Hungary, there is no way to obtain any remedy  for Human Rights violations or Social Exclusion domestically. The Hungarian government fails to respect the rule of law and human rights. Civil society organizations face legislative restrictions, while rights defenders and independent journalists are smeared by pro-government media. 

Victims are  afraid to file any local complaints because the local (town and county) government officials are all on the same side.

On October 1, 2020 The World Roma Federation officially opened a Human Rights office for Minorities in Budapest, Hungary.  The office advocates for regional and international rights of the Roma. After many human rights violations against the Roma, the WRF took steps to combat  these injustices and violations with it’s own resources. 


We have witnessed the Roma people living in horrible conditions and face forced evictions regularly. They are simply disadvantaged on all social levels. 


The government only provides the average Roma family the bare minimum of food and has not implemented any of the Social or Economical programs it has promised or that has been recommended by the EU or UN.


The discrimination against the Roma has not stopped and occurs on a daily basis non stop. This is due to the radical nationalist party called Jobbik (Movement for a Better Hungary)   and Mihazank Mozgalom (our homeland movement). Racial tensions, crimes and discrimination increase day by day and is worse than ever before. Even worse is, the Hungarian Government supports these groups and their actions. 


We launched our humanitarian program and have been donating non perishable food, warm clothing, pastry and warm food delivery to less fortunate families through our mentor program. We hope we can recruit more Roma mentors and volunteers to represent the WRF in struggling communities throughout Hungary. 


So far, with the new human rights office, our presence gives a sense of peace and security for the Roma people.


The WRF Human Rights office is taking on many new and old cases, trying to present it’s cases within the justice system however, discrimination also exists within the system and the battle is uphill. But this makes us determined more and more. 


With the establishment of this office and boots on the ground, the World Roma Federation through networking, has first hand knowledge of Human Rights violations, Social and Economic issues and more. 


The government is hiding the truth.  The EU Representative Livia Jaroka who is with the Fidesz party (national-conservative, right-wing political party in Hungary.) downplays the situation and the EU fails to verify or monitor the actions or lack thereof, within the state. 


According to our partners, the Roma are experiencing impoverished living conditions. They are still living in makeshift homes crowded with several families, in barracks, in “Gypsy Ghettos”, with no access to electricity or proper sanitary facilities.


The Roma's current situation is completely ignored and disregarded by the government. And has become even more concerning since the Covid 19 pandemic began. 

Many Roma are now dying because they are not protected and do not have the necessary resources to stay safe and are unable to access Covid-19 testing.


Unless there’s significant intervention, the situation will only get worse.