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EU Branch President Attends Anti-Corruption Conference

SDG goals 16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Country: Denmark District: Copenhagen Demographic Area: The 18th International Anti-Corruption Conference The delegation was sent to act on behalf of WRF in attendance at the 2018 world corruption Conference in Copenhagen Denmark. The conference brought together 1,800 delegates within the following field spectrum of civil service: a) Civil societies b) Government c) Multilateral agencies d) Private Sector The conference was set as a backdrop in opposition to anti-corruption in EU states. Initially the movement focused on democratic policies, rule of law, and the importance of unification in a stance against corruption that directly infringes upon the rights, privileges, and human rights of constituents from different forms of life, race, creed, gender, etc. There is a shift in progressive methodology and with the rise of authoritarianism, under the masquerade of populist regimes. The ideals of democracy are threatened, which means diminished proposal of policies, reformation, and implementation of protective measures for marginalized groups. NGO and Civil society roles are being impeded by repressive governments, without these agencies’ continual oppressive behaviors towards marginalized and underserved communities will continue as they will have no the voice at a central, federal, or state level. Other issues fall in the failure to uphold failsafe protective measures for groups, individuals, and agencies that stand against oppressive and repressive regimes to maintain democratic principles and ethical approaches to continue. The conference was for the duration of three days, WRF was in attendance for two days. Continual dialogue and engagement in conferences such as the IRCC convention will continue.

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