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Open Letter to ERRC

Dear European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC),

I am writing to you as Janos Sztojka, President of the World Roma Federation and member of the Global Romani Coalition, to express our deep disappointment with recent statements and actions that have come to light. The ERRC has long been regarded as a leading voice for the Roma community on the international stage. However, recent events have cast a shadow over this esteemed position.

The controversial statements made by Jonathan Lee, an ERRC communications and advocacy officer, denying the existence of the Roma nation and language, have caused considerable distress within our community. These remarks not only undermine the rich cultural heritage and identity of the Roma people but also contradict the very essence of what the ERRC stands for.

As a leading advocate for Roma rights, the ERRC has a responsibility to align itself with the will and identity of the Roma people. This includes recognizing the diversity within our community and the aspiration to be recognized as one Romani Nation. It is imperative that the ERRC demonstrates proper representation by appointing representatives who truly embody the values and aspirations of our community.

Given that Jonathan Lee's views do not align with the Roma Nation movement, we request that he not be allowed to represent the Roma community in any capacity. His role should be limited to communicating the ERRC's policies and positions, without any involvement in political representation or decision-making regarding Roma inclusion.

We ask for a public apology from the ERRC for the recent statements and a commitment to realign its stance to reflect the true spirit of the Roma community. Additionally, we urge the ERRC to adopt a democratic approach in its operations, ensuring that any contributions to the European Parliament, Commission, or other bodies are made only after consulting the broader Roma community.

In the spirit of unity and progress, we hope that the ERRC will take these concerns seriously and take swift action to reaffirm its commitment to the Roma people.


Janos Sztojka

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