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World Roma Federation Attends United Nations High Level Political Forum for the First Time

WRF Delegation with the Romanian Delegation

The World Roma Federation (WRF) proudly announces its successful participation at the United Nations High Level Political Forum (UN HLPF) for the first time in the organization's history. As an active participant in global discussions, WRF's delegation took part in various official meetings and side events that featured prominent government officials on the panels.

This groundbreaking presence at the UN HLPF enabled WRF representatives to make significant interventions, ask thought-provoking questions, and lobby ambassadors. They also had the opportunity to deliver crucial statements while actively participating through affiliations with stakeholder groups such as the NGO Major Group and SG CDWD.

"We had the opportunity to engage member states with significant Roma populations and raise our concerns, opening dialogue with permanent missions, ambassadors, and government officials we ran into at the UNHQ," said Janos Sztojka, Founder & President of the World Roma Federation.

WRF President, on the right, with Irelands Ambassador and Coordinator of Major Groups & Other Stakeholders

Deny Dobobrov, Director of International Relations, added, "I would say the highlight of this forum was being able to hold private meetings with friendly Permanent Missions such as the Republic of Serbia, Bulgaria (ECOSOC President) and engage the EU Team during their VNR as well as their side event. We had the opportunity to meet commissioners, MEPs, and other institutional presidents which we have been corresponding with via email and telephone. We handed them our parallel reports as well as our paragraph 89 report. Overall, it was a great experience, and we hope to attend next year's with our own side event."

The World Roma Federation's attendance at this year's United Nations High Level Political Forum underscores an important milestone in their mission to contribute to international dialogues aimed at addressing pressing global issues. As advocates for progress and unity, WRF’s presence at this prestigious event not only increased their visibility but also strengthened their commitment to creating positive change worldwide.

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About the World Roma Federation:

The World Roma Federation (WRF) is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to representing the interests and promoting the welfare of the Roma people within the United Nations system. As a leading voice for the Roma community, WRF holds special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), allowing it to bring vital perspectives on Romani issues to global policy discussions. Through advocacy, partnership, capacity-building, and cultural initiatives, WRF is committed to ensuring that the rights and dignity of the estimated millions of Roma living worldwide are upheld and advanced.

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