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World Roma Federation Responds to Smear Campaign, Calls for Public Support and Volunteers



BROOKLYN, NY - The World Roma Federation (WRF) is issuing a press release today to address a recent smear campaign targeting the organization and its members. These false accusations are aimed at creating a negative image of the WRF and include allegations of receiving funding from donors, governments, and other entities. We wish to clarify that these claims are entirely baseless and can be easily verified through relevant sources.

The WRF is proud to support and advocate for the rights of the Roma community around the world, aiming to protect our people from human rights violations and corruption. While we are disheartened by these undue attacks on our organization's reputation, we stand firm in our commitment to continue our important work.

We would like to direct the public to verify our stance through reliable sources such as Freedom of Information Acts in both the United States ([US FOIA]) and European Union ([EU Regulation 1049/2001])). These outlets will confirm our transparency and the unfounded nature of the allegations against us.

The World Roma Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human rights violations, promoting equality, and combatting corruption. Our funding self-funding sources are entirely legitimate and can be easily verified. We encourage anyone interested in scrutinizing these allegations to visit the following websites for verification:

For U.S. non-governmental organizations:

2. IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search –

For EU-based non-governmental organizations:

1. European Commission Financial Transparency System –

In these challenging times, we call upon everyone who believes in our cause to stand with us. We actively encourage individuals who share our values, wish to support the WRF, and fight against human rights violations and corruption to volunteer for our organization. Your involvement will help empower our continued efforts for justice and equality.

Together, we can fight against the dissemination of false information and emerge stronger as a united community.

Thank you for your support.

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