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World Roma Federation Submits Critical Input to UN GA 78

New York, 06/23/2023 – The World Roma Federation (WRF) proudly announces its submission of crucial input to the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association for the upcoming 78th session of the UN General Assembly. The WRF, a leading international representative body for the Romani diaspora, is dedicated to advocating for equal rights, recognition, and opportunities for the Roma community worldwide.

As part of their contribution to the report on promoting inclusive sustainable peace and democratic transition, WRF highlights the multiple challenges faced by Europe's largest ethnic minority in exercising their right to peaceful assembly and affiliation. Many countries view Roma communities as a national minority issue rather than openly acknowledging their ethnicity's inherent value. The WRF urges global leaders to break these barriers, substantially supporting marginalized populations like the Roma collectives, who often lack representation and resources.

WRF President Janos Sztojka spoke about incidents of intimidation, killings, political repression, criminalization, stigmatization that are encountered by individuals working towards peace processes or democratic change within their communities. Such threats highlight the urgent need for stronger collaborative efforts with key UN entities in protecting and upholding rights.

In response to this critical issue, Deny Dobobrov, WRF Director of International Relations emphasized that "Increased engagement with relevant UN agencies is vital in our demand for recognition." He further added that by jointly striving for a world where no community's rights are overlooked, organizations like WRF can have a significant positive impact.

The WRF urges Special Rapporteur to work closely with ECOSOC and other organizations possessing special consultative status so marginalized groups can experience transformational changes. By ensuring not only recognition but also protection of peaceful assembly and association within United Nations System, we can bring about a more inclusive world where all communities prosper.

About the World Roma Federation:

The World Roma Federation is an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights, recognition, and opportunities of Romani people worldwide. With headquarters in Belgium, WRF serves as an essential international association uniting Romani people across borders to champion their concerns through a digital community platform helping affiliated organizations achieve meaningful progress.

Media Contact:

Deny Dobobrov

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