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World Roma Webinar - History in the Making!

For immediate release

09/21/2022 - New York -

Human rights defenders for the Roma community, from almost every continent attended the first ever World Roma Webinar supported by the World Roma Congress and other international organizations, to discuss the formation of a historical coalition.

Delegates from South America (SKOKRA), North America, Europe, Middle East and Russia each agreed to continue the discussion and develop friendly relations.

Today, the World Roma Federation presented a new platform which would allow the Roma to raise their voice within the United Nations system, through the formation of a special stakeholders major group comprised of NGOs with Consultative Status, and regional level NGOs who would provide the group with real time information on Roma related issues and developments.

"Overall, the webinar went well. I made a presentation and tried to explain the benefits of forming such a coalition and all of the panelists seemed to understand and agree that an action needs to be taken to unite our community on a global level and strengthen one single entity such as a coalition who would engage the UN and its member states through a special mandate. We are confident this will come to pass, and we will find common ground with likeminded organizations who share the same vision and have the same goal which is to first and foremost to be recognized as a non-territorial nation." said Deny Dobobrov, Director of International Relations.

Roma have no country or government to represent them on the world stage or transnational level. "This is a step in the right direction" said Janos Sztojka, President of the WRF. "We have an opportunity to bring positive change, and write history as the first coalition of Roma NGOs to truly represent the Roma people within the UN system on a more serious level"

"The World Roma Federation has expressed its interest in joining forces with these organizations and is drafting a universal memorandum for all to sign, which would launch the initiative into existence" said Deny Dobobrov

While retaining the intergovernmental character of the forum, the representatives of the major groups and other relevant stakeholders shall be allowed:

  • To attend all official meetings of the forum;

  • To have access to all official information and documents;

  • To intervene in official meetings;

  • To submit documents and present written and oral contributions;

  • To make recommendations;

  • To organize side events and round tables, in cooperation with Member States and the Secretariat;

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