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WRF Makes Oral Statement at the UN

The Global Partnership Forum at the United Nations was an important event for the World Roma Federation, as it provided a platform for delegates to make their voices heard. The two-minute intervention by the delegates of the World Roma Federation enabled them to present their ideas and concerns in front of world leaders.

The forum also allowed the representatives of the World Roma Federation to discuss issues related to social, economic and political inclusion of Roma people in Europe and around the world. It was a significant step towards achieving global recognition for this ethnic group and ensuring that their rights are respected. This event was an important milestone in furthering the cause of Romani people worldwide.

“This was a huge milestone for us. We are trying to amplify the voices of the Romani diaspora on the world stage and in all arenas, and this was a great opportunity and platform for us to do so. It is time for us to have our voices heard, and it is time for us to be included in decisions that are made which directly affect the lives of the communities we serve. This is only the beginning. We hope to participate more and engage other agencies such as the Human Rights Council in the near future” said Janos Sztojka, Founder & President. The World Roma Federation has been on a mission to help the group of people who were once called “gypsies” gain acceptance as a "people".

The Roma have always been, and still are, an ethnic group who have faced discrimination from across Europe We are the largest ethnic minority in Europe, with a population of about 24 million in Europe alone.

"We, the Roma people have zero representation in political institutions and due to the lack of a country, it is tough for us to have any say when it comes to decisions & policies related to our concerns. Having our voices heard at the UN, will bring us one step closer to being able to choose our own path. We believe that we should have a better life and that we deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. What we want is dignity and respect, which we deserve." Said Deny Dobobrov, Director of International Relations & designated speaker at the UN.

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