Mobile Wellness Center

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Chart & Stethoscope

The Roma/ni people of Europe due to status and their no “State” identity are not afforded the same level of care as other people within the same populace in which they live.  Other issues derive from the fact that little is known in terms of administered medical treatment, genetic disorders, diseases, and inner working of their anatomy to appropriate proper treatment as there are no case studies or medical publications to expand or to be utilized by medical personnel when offering a prognosis in remedy of an ailment.


Our mission to counter this disparity is the wellness mobile clinic. The purpose of the clinic is to ensure that the underserved Romani people receive comprehensive services necessary to achieve better health care treatment or any type of treatment.  This belief is structured on the ethical precepts that all people no matter their race, creed, ethnicity, or finances under ethical precedence, regardless of the law, is deserving of a high-quality, comprehensive, and continual health care provision of service.  


The afforded services will provide the following parameters:

  • Preventative

  • Comprehensive

  • General (wellness, checkup)

  • Palliative

  • Informative (for publication and research)

  • Hospice (research, quantitative/qualitative data, death ratio amongst the population)


Expanding on core project initiatives:

COVID field spectrum indicators and variant scope initiative areas as a deterrence from further exposure and re-entrance of further communicable viruses from the population is the top approach of this program. 

Prevention indicators and capacity measures to reduce environmental modification to populace genetic sequence. 


Medical treatment and control data calibration will be formatted, maintained, administered, and monitored by certified medical professionals under the guise of a chief medical physician reporting directly to the HQ office.

All allocated data will be delivered for publication before the UN, EU, and US state office charged with Vital, Records, and Statistics office of information classification.

Analyzing Scans