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The World Roma Federation has designed its programs based on the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Its key areas of focus are:

  • Community Leadership & Mentoring

  • Education 

  • Employment

  • Hunger

  • Healthcare

  • Housing


The all-in-one platform we have developed is called “ROM-ESCO” which means Romani Economic & Social Community Outreach. 

This platform is designed to cover a majority of the SDGs, and puts a strong emphasis on goals 1 through 11 and believes goals 16 & 17 are the key to successful implementation. 

Our organization's agenda is to promote, advocate and develop partnerships with centralized governments and agencies to ensure that the appropriate techniques and safeguards are implemented within its social structures to establish a degree of civility and a restoration of protective measures for the Roma. It is within these safeguard parameters that our organization intends to push for state, local, agencies and governments to develop practical frameworks that uphold a credence in its values towards marginalized individuals that are ostracized, chastised, and discriminated against as well as deprived from any form of social justice.  


The World Roma Federation intends to stand in its convictions against all forms of prejudice and discrimination based upon race, colour, religion, age, disability, and or orientation. Below are the key objectives of focus towards Roma Inclusion.  


  • In the end, it is imperative to thwart civil injustices from society through the introduction of protective laws for the betterment of all citizens and not the few.  

  • To oppose all forms of entrenched privilege based on wealth, status, or race as it affects or perpetuates social inequality. 

  • To advocate for the basic human rights of the communities we serve that are contingent upon a fair and open government

  • We will foster a strong and sustainable economy which encourages the necessary wealth creating processes, develops and uses the skills of the people and works to the benefit of all, with a just distribution of the rewards of success. 


We develop innovative strategies and programs to meet the targets and indicators for the SDGs

Roma Advocacy

We work closely with our other branches and receive real time information on the situation abroad. We then collect the data and  use it to come up with new strategies. 


We network and partner with other organizations,  foundations and intergovernmental agencies within the UN system in an effort to meet targets and indicators of SDGs 16 & 17


We offer our expertise on Roma History, Heritage, Culture and Inclusion / Integration issues.  

Meet The Team


Dragan Novakovic

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Balkan Regional Director & SDG Ambassador 


Kristijan Ajdinovic

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Branch President - Cacak Serbia

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Dusko Ilic

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Director of Mentorship Program



Aleksa Lukic

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Policy Advisor

 Director of PR



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