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In addition to our advocacy, lobbying, and diplomatic engagement, the World Roma Federation (WRF) offers a range of services to businesses, governments, institutions, and the public. Our services include translation (written and oral), conflict resolution, and expert witness testimony for courts involving Roma issues. We also provide cultural sensitivity training, language courses, human rights certification and training, cultural competency training, policy consultation, and community outreach programs. Our goal is to support and empower Roma communities while fostering understanding and collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

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Expert Witness

Our expert witness service provides specialized testimony for courts involving Roma-related issues. Leveraging our deep knowledge of Roma culture, history, and societal dynamics, we offer authoritative insights that help clarify complex cases. Our experts ensure that the unique perspectives and experiences of the Roma community are accurately represented and understood in legal proceedings.



Our translation services offer comprehensive written and oral translation for businesses, governments, and institutions. With expertise in Roma languages and dialects, we ensure accurate and culturally sensitive translations. Whether you need documents translated, interpretation for meetings, or multilingual support for events, our skilled translators facilitate clear and effective communication across language barriers.

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Human Rights Training

Our human rights training programs are designed to educate and empower Roma individuals about their rights. Through comprehensive courses and workshops, we provide in-depth knowledge of international human rights standards and legal protections. Our training equips Roma communities with the tools and understanding needed to advocate for themselves and others, fostering a culture of rights awareness and self-determination.

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