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Our mission is to champion the rights of the Roma people, safeguard their rich cultural heritage, and unlock their potential to achieve greatness. Our vision is a world where every Roma individual can live with dignity, respect, and equality, contributing meaningfully to a thriving global society.

To realize our mission and vision, we have set three primary goals: (1) fostering understanding and appreciation for the Roma culture and history, (2) promoting policies that ensure equality and social justice for the Roma community, and (3) empowering the next generation of Roma leaders to drive lasting change.

Working diligently towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 10, 16, and 17, we aim to reduce inequality, further peace and justice, and reinforce partnerships for sustainable development globally.

To bring our goals to fruition, we actively engage with governments at local and national levels, advocating for policies that uplift the Roma community. Equally important is our role as ambassadors for the Roma people within international organizations and institutions. By amplifying their voices on a worldwide stage, we ensure they are heard, and their needs addressed.

In our efforts to empower future Roma leaders, we've introduced a comprehensive mentorship program that cultivates skills development and facilitates goal achievement. Furthermore, our inventive socio-economic initiatives offer much-needed opportunities for Roma individuals to enhance their economic standing while creating a positive impact in their communities.

Lastly, vigorous advocacy and remains crucial to guaranteeing that the best interests of the Roma people are factored into decision-making processes at all echelons of government. Through our unwavering commitment to these objectives, we remain steadfast in making our vision a reality – a world where all Roma people live with dignity, respect, and equal opportunities.


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