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The World Roma Federation (WRF) is steadfastly dedicated to maintaining transparency and open communication with its stakeholders. In alignment with these values, we are excited to introduce this  page on our website, showcasing our advocacy work within the United Nations as well as our various lobbying efforts. This easily accessible platform will keep our supporters informed and engaged, providing insight into our ongoing initiatives that strive for the rights and well-being of the Roma community on a global scale. Through this commitment to transparency, WRF not only strengthens its relationship with its supporters but also reinforces its credibility as an organization championing change in the world.

United States - Lobbying & Advocacy

The World Roma Federation has fostered a special relationship with the Special Envoy / Representative of the State Department for Racial Justice and Equality. This collaboration extends to corresponding with the Roma Contact Point at the CSCE in regard to issues Roma face in Europe. 

In the past, together with other activists and colleagues, we have successfully lobbied for the modification and passing of S.Res 124, a bill recognizing Romani Americans, our history, heritage, and Holocaust. This significant milestone was achieved on December 8th, 2022.

Our Chicago branch played a crucial role in this success. In November 2021, Deny Dobobrov lobbied the office of the Governor and received a proclamation containing similar wording to the original text of S.Res 124. Furthermore, on April 8th, 2023, our Chicago branch made history by raising the Roma flag for the first time in United States history at Daily Center in Chicago in which the Cook County Human Rights Commission attended and made a keynote speech. This momentous event marked the first occasion where the Roma flag was raised and flown on government property in an official ceremonial manner.

We are currently lobbying for the establishment of a congressional caucus on Roma issues. 

United Nations - Lobbying & Advocacy

Written Statement 

The following statement was submitted to the Human Rights Council 53rd Session:

Written Statement

The following statement was submitted to the Human Rights Council 52nd Session:

SDG Partnership Forum

UN High Level Political Forum - 2023


Parallel Report for the European Union’s first Voluntary Review

Response to Romania

In response to Romania's VNR, we have submitted the following:

Position Paper

On the HLPF 2023

European Union - European Commission

The World Roma Federation (WRF) recently had a significant meeting with the European Union Commission's Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers (DG Just) 2, Non-Discrimination: Anti-Racism and Roma Coordination Unit, along with their colleagues in the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs, and Inclusion (DG EMPLOY). This gathering provided an excellent platform for meaningful conversations and fruitful discussions. One noteworthy outcome of the meeting was the opportunity for the WRF to present its revolutionary ROM-ESCO Platform, an initiative aimed at improving economic integration and social inclusion for the Roma community within Europe.

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