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Join Our Community!

We are delighted to offer an array of membership choices tailored to meet your preferences and needs in our safe, inclusive community. Safeguarding your privacy is our utmost concern, and we guarantee that your personal details will not be shared with any third parties. Our strong security measures ensure that your data stays protected, much like joining a social media network such as Facebook.

As a Community Member, you'll enjoy complimentary access to exclusive news, our vibrant online forum connecting Roma individuals all around the world, and invites to special events like webinars. Quickly sign up and instantly become an essential part of our worldwide network.

If you seek supplementary privileges, contemplate upgrading to an e-Citizen membership. This superior tier comprises a broad array of e-citizen services, access to private pages and groups, and a whole lot more! As an e-Citizen, you have the opportunity to utilize our Human Rights Education resources, acquire Legal Assistance, and even be guided when applying for Social Services and Identity Documents via your local government, all while preserving absolute confidentiality. Your paid subscription allows us to maintain the operations of the organization and financially support our ongoing projects.

For those ardent about activism, intensify your involvement with the World Roma Federation by becoming an activist member. This level includes all previously mentioned benefits while offering you an avenue to substantially contribute to our mission. Your voice will resonate as we collectively strive for positive change.

Additionally, if your organization desires to team up with the World Roma Federation, we warmly welcome you to join our UN Special Stakeholders group. This elite collaboration presents unparalleled prospects for your organization to partake in UN-related activities alongside us in a united endeavor towards advancement.

No matter which membership tier best fits your requirements, we eagerly anticipate embracing you into our diverse global family!

Support us by becoming a member

All proceeds go towards our operating budget

  • Community Member

    Join our community and stay updated on our work including latest news, issues and more information
    Valid for 2 years
    • Exclusive access to our members only pages
    • Access to our private webinars, certain meetings and events
    • And Much More!
  • Join our organization - individual

    Every year
    Individual Members should have knowledge of human rights and a relevant college major to qualify
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Board Meeting Participation
    • Work in one of our departments
    • Contact us for more details
  • Join as an Organization

    The World Roma Federation offers organizations the opportunity to become members under its umbrella.
    • For details, see terms and conditions after selecting plan
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