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Global Initiative

The World Roma Federation (WRF) has started a global project to help other disadvantaged groups facing similar challenges to the Roma community. This important work involves sharing resources, learning from each other, and building a welcoming environment for everyone. By working with different organizations, the WRF wants to raise awareness about these groups, promote cultural understanding, and create a strong platform for working together. Their focus is on fighting discrimination and supporting social inclusion, aiming to strengthen all marginalized communities in their quest for social justice and equality.

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Through strategic partnerships with various organizations and sharing of valuable resources, the WRF not only fosters a sense of unity among different marginalized communities, but also promotes cultural acceptance.

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Sustainable Development

The World Roma Federation utilizes Sustainable Development Innovations to achieve its goals by fostering resource sharing, best practice exchange, and collaborative efforts with various organizations to empower marginalized groups, promote cultural acceptance, and establish a foundation for collective progress.

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Project Development 

The World Roma Federation (WRF) develops specifically tailored solutions for communities worldwide by leveraging its expertise in combating discrimination, partnering with various organizations, and exchanging best practices, ultimately promoting inclusiveness and driving collaborative progress for marginalized populations.

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