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Roma Empowerment & Integration Network

The REIN (Roma Empowerment and Integration Network) initiative is a vital response to the pressing need for concerted efforts to empower and integrate Roma communities worldwide. REIN aims to foster social, economic, and political inclusion, advocating for the rights and dignity of Roma individuals. With the support of the Global Romani Coalition, REIN seeks to create a global network dedicated to Roma empowerment, combating discrimination, and promoting positive change. 


REIN recognizes the diverse nature of Roma communities, encompassing various groups with distinct identities. It highlights the importance of recognizing and respecting this diversity while working towards a common goal of empowerment. By engaging with governments, civil society organizations, and stakeholders, REIN aims to develop policies and programs tailored to the specific needs of each Roma group. Through advocacy, diplomacy, and social development initiatives, REIN strives to ensure that Roma individuals are treated as equal members of society, providing them with the resources and opportunities necessary for a better quality of life.


REIN's efforts will run in parallel with the Global Romani Coalition (GRC) initiatives, synergizing and complementing each other. This collaboration enhances the effectiveness of our collective goals within the GRC. REIN's focus on tailored programs and advocacy will contribute significantly to advancing the overall objectives of the GRC, ultimately empowering Roma communities and advocating for their rights on a global scale.


The EU Framework for Roma inclusion is declaratory, not legally binding. Member states have the discretion to develop and implement their strategies, making compliance voluntary. This declarative nature underscores the importance of REIN's role in advocating, monitoring, and encouraging member states to take substantial action for Roma inclusion.

In 2023, the World Roma Federation (WRF) engaged with several National Roma Contact Points, revealing common challenges such as budget constraints and ongoing strategy development. The European Commission's assessment report corroborated these findings, identifying countries that lacked robust national strategies for Roma inclusion. These deficiencies underline the urgent need for the WRF's initiatives to complement and enhance existing efforts within the Global Romani Coalition (GRC) and drive progress toward achieving our shared goals.

For those interested in partnering with REIN to support Roma empowerment and integration, we invite you to contact us. Together, we can work towards creating a global network dedicated to Roma empowerment, combating discrimination, and promoting positive change. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of Roma communities worldwide.

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