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To tackle the various obstacles, the World Roma Federation has devised an all-encompassing strategy that involves multi-stakeholder engagement and cooperation. By addressing the unique needs and goals of the Roma community with customized initiatives and policies, significant progress can be made in promoting increased social inclusion for one of Europe's most marginalized groups.

The Romani Economic, Social, and Community Outreach (ROM-ESCO) program represents a pioneering effort to tackle the pervasive discrimination and marginalization experienced by the Roma population across the European Union. Through strategic alliances between the World Roma Federation and governments within the EU, this program aims to utilize the successful ROM-ESCO model for empowering and assimilating Roma communities while preserving their unique cultural identities.

Recognizing the historical and ongoing struggles of the Roma community in Europe, ROM-ESCO presents a comprehensive plan for achieving long-term social equity. As a collaborative platform, ROM-ESCO unites government bodies, non-governmental organizations, and Roma community representatives with a shared objective: constructing an inclusive future that maintains cultural heritage while promoting integration.


To address various aspects of life within this framework, ROM-ESCO concentrates on four main areas: economic self-sufficiency, educational opportunities, healthcare access, and community development. This all-encompassing approach will directly tackle issues of inequality through robust support systems that foster independence in every facet of individual and communal living. These endeavors are intended not only for immediate impact but also to establish a foundation for ongoing growth.

The ROM-ESCO program strives to cultivate a more inclusive society by advocating equal opportunities for the marginalized Roma population throughout the European Union. By actively involving stakeholders at local, national, and international levels, along with grassroots initiatives in impacted communities, this transformative enterprise offers a blueprint for generating lasting socio-economic transformation. With your backing, we can transform this ambitious vision into reality and work towards a more equitable existence for everyone in society.

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