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World Roma Federation Celebrates Successful Mobile Roma Holocaust Exhibit at the University of Texas at Austin

The World Roma Federation proudly announces the successful conclusion of our second Mobile Roma Holocaust Exhibit, hosted by the esteemed Sara Apostol at the University of Texas at Austin. This event, part of our ongoing educational initiative, was attended by a diverse group of students and faculty, marking a significant milestone in our mission to educate and raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust.

The exhibit provided an immersive experience into the harrowing history of the Roma during the Holocaust, highlighting the resilience and enduring spirit of our community. This year’s exhibit was especially notable as participating students received academic credit, recognizing the importance of this history in educational curricula.

"Education is the cornerstone of understanding and change. This event not only honored the memory of the countless Roma who suffered during the Holocaust but also advanced our commitment to educating the next generation," said Deny Dobobrov, Director of International Relations at the World Roma Federation. "We are grateful to the University of Texas at Austin and Sara Apostol for their partnership and support in making this event a profound success."

János Sztojka, Founder and President of the World Roma Federation, added, "Each step we take in sharing our history and culture through these exhibits brings us closer to a world where respect and understanding prevail. We are deeply thankful to all who support our vision and join us in this crucial educational journey."

While we celebrate this achievement, we are reminded of the challenges ahead. The Mobile Roma Holocaust Exhibit is entirely self-funded, and the need to expand and continue this important work grows each day. We call upon individuals, organizations, and communities to join us in supporting this vital initiative. Your support will enable us to bring this exhibition to more locations worldwide, increasing awareness and promoting understanding of Roma history and rights.

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