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WRF Attends Inspiring Event in New York

04/23/2024 - Brooklyn, NY - Yesterday in New York, the "Roma for Each Other" initiative held a significant event that spotlighted the situation and future prospects of Roma communities on both local and international levels. Esteemed founders of international organizations, along with representatives of Roma communities from the state of New York, gathered to underscore their commitment to nurturing Roma culture, traditions, and historical heritage.

The World Roma Federation (WRF) played an active role in the forum, thoroughly presenting the strategic steps it has undertaken to advocate for the rights of Roma communities globally. They emphasized their work at the United Nations and the European Union, which aims to prioritize the rights of the Roma in international political discourse.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in open dialogues and roundtable discussions, complemented by displays of traditional Roma cultural elements like gastronomy and music. These cultural presentations not only revived the community spirit but also served as tools for intergenerational knowledge transfer and strengthening cultural identity.

Local Immigrant Roma community members actively participated in discussions, particularly focusing on critical issues such as immigration, social integration, employment opportunities, education, healthcare, and elder care. The preservation of Roma traditions was also a topic of discussion, especially the commemoration of International Roma Day on April 8, which is a prominent annual event for the WRF.

A crucial element of the forum was the WRF's expression of support and commitment to the community's development, notably through the WRF-founded Roma Higher Education Institute, which has achieved significant milestones in meeting the diverse needs of the Roma population. Distinguished leaders like Gruia Bumbu (of Europe), Lorcan Otway, Michael Ciuraro, and János Sztojka (WRF President) were present, participating in discussions defining future directions and collaboration opportunities for the community, thus further strengthening the cohesion and development of global Roma communities.

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