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World Roma Federation Initiates Fundraising Drive for the "Romani Rescue & Rehabilitation Project"

Skopje, North Macedonia – 06/22/2023 – In an effort to transform the lives of suffering Roma communities in Sutka and nearby areas in North Macedonia, the World Roma Federation proudly announces a fundraising campaign in support of the "Romani Rescue & Rehabilitation Project."

Countless Roma families across North Macedonia currently endure horrendous conditions, lacking access to clean water, electricity, and basic sanitation facilities. Their homes are makeshift, structurally unstable, and leave them exposed to extreme weather and potential security threats.

To combat these alarming issues, the World Roma Federation aims to raise $50,000 to secure a multi-functional building within the city to operate as a church, community hub, public kitchen, and pantry for Roma residents. This center will offer vital services including education, healthcare assistance, training initiatives, spiritual guidance, and recreational activities – giving much-needed relief to these vulnerable communities.

We passionately encourage individuals, establishments, and corporations worldwide to generously donate any sum they can afford towards this inspiring cause. Your invaluable contributions will enable us to purchase the building and its inventory while funding renovations and providing essential building materials. This will ultimately grant access to clean water and electricity for these communities while addressing concerns surrounding sanitation and basic provisions.

Beyond financial donations, we warmly welcome assistance in the form of non-perishable food items, clothing for all ages, furnishings (particularly those beneficial for community spaces), construction materials (for repairing existing structures or creating temporary shelters), and more.

Together with your support, we can transform the lives of marginalized communities. To donate now or learn more about our project's vital objectives, please visit our donation page:

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About World Roma Federation:

The World Roma Federation is a dedicated global network of activists and organizations striving relentlessly to eradicate discrimination against Roma people worldwide. By cultivating cross-cultural understanding, encouraging education, and championing Roma rights, the federation envisions a brighter, inclusive future for Roma communities across the globe.

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