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World Roma Federation Steps in to Provide Aid to Over 40 Roma Families Living in Inhumane Conditions

The World Roma Federation has discovered appalling living conditions endured by over 40 Roma families residing in makeshift homes in Sutka, North Macedonia. With no electricity, water, or sanitation, these vulnerable individuals suffer from systemic discrimination and racism while facing harsh poverty. In response, the federation swiftly donated $500 to a local church to supply immediate food assistance to the affected families.

These families, denied basic human rights to healthcare, welfare, and employment, are living with no clean water or electricity. Despite the brutal situation they face every day, the North Macedonian government has failed to provide any support to alleviate their suffering.

"Our people are living in unimaginable conditions, while the government is watching and doing nothing about it," says Janos Sztojka, President of the World Roma Federation.

Deny Dobobrov, director of international relations at the World Roma Federation, adds: "We have found several violations of their human rights. North Macedonia is a party to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other treaties and conventions. And they must be held accountable for not upholding their obligations under international law. There is plenty of evidence, and we will pursue every legal avenue available to us."

To actively provide aid and alleviate the pain of these afflicted families, the World Roma Federation calls on those concerned about this dire situation to contact them and learn how they can help.

About The World Roma Federation:

The World Roma Federation is an international organization holding special consultative status with the United Nations. The federation staunchly advocates for marginalized groups worldwide while fighting against social injustices that plague communities like those found in Sutka. Through persistent efforts and global alliances, the organization aims to bring attention to grave human rights violations & steps up when governments fail their citizens.

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